Our Story

Wheatfield Art Studios is founded by Joseph and Sarah Zhang, both of whom are professional artists and graduates of the Royal Institute of Fine Art, Beijing, China. After emigrating to Australia, they respectively completed postgraduate courses at RMIT and the Victorian College of the Arts. Both of their works have been on exhibit at numerous international art exhibitions.

From their many years of training and practice, Joseph and Sarah have distilled an unique philosophy towards teaching – learning to paint or draw does not start with holding a brush or pencil. Rather, learning to draw begins with the process of training the student’s perception towards better observation, and to be able to capture or extract the essence of the subject in a few key features. On paper or canvas is the end product of this process, a reflection of the artist’s perception and interpretation of their reality. Joseph and Sarah aim to first guide and nurture young artists in this way, to first broaden their capacity to perceive, think and interpret for themselves, and then to express that using the tools of visual expression.